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TBI Home Inspections, the name trusted by Real Estate Professionals, Title Companies, Banking Institutions, Home Owners and Prospective Home Buyers.

We perform home inspections and commercial inspections in the City of Palm Coast and within the entire County of Flagler. We also provide these same services in the surrounding counties of Volusia, St. Johns and Putnam counties.

Did you know that there are some Home Inspectors that are currently performing inspections in the State of Florida without a license?

Did you also know that some Home Inspectors marketing credentials are based solely on an online examination administered only after paying an organizational fee?

Although there are some benefits to these organizations, these should not be your determining factor in deciding who you should choose to inspect your home. The fact still remains that a thorough home inspection will rely solely on the experience and in-depth knowledge of your inspector and the importance of “knowledge backed” personnel doing your inspection cannot be overstated.

This is why it is very important to remember that the person performing your inspection needs to have experience. A wealth of experience! For this, there is no substitute.

At TBI Home Inspections, we are State Licensed as a Home Inspector and also Licensed Home Builders in the State of Florida. This should attest to the vast amount of knowledge gained in our over 36 years of field experience. We are regulated in the State of Florida by the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) and our Certified “Building Contractor” Licenses are licenses that very few Home Inspectors have or can attain.

We are experienced, knowledgeable, and meticulous within our craft. We are qualified to do your inspection because of our educational background, our dedication to service and our expertise in the field of construction.

Palm Coast, Florida

Home and Commercial Inspections in Florida

Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida


The Services We Offer:

  • Home inspections for buyers - - - - Pre-Purchase inspections
  • New home progress inspections - For homes during and under construction
  • Foreclosure home inspections - - For bank, seller or buyers
  • Home inspections for sellers - - Pre-Listing, before the home is put on the market
  • Condo inspections
  • Commercial buildings
  • Weather related damage
  • Investment properties


Visual Inspection Reports Include:

  • Inspection overview
  • Building exterior and site review
  • Interior components assessment
  • Room by room check list evaluation
  • Structural system assessment
  • Roof system review
  • Plumbing system review
  • Heating system review
  • Electrical system review
  • Easy to read and well organized report pages
  • Client advisories noted and explained observations
  • Photos included to aid the client with our inspection observations
Home and Comercial Inspections in Florida


Our Experience & Training:

  • 4th Generation in construction with a commitment to quality for over 125 years
  • 77 Combined years of construction industry experience between us
  • State of Florida Home Inspector License # HI 2530
  • Builders of new homes and commercial buildings since 1978
  • We each hold a Certified "Building Contractor" License from the State of Florida
  • We each held a State of New Jersey Builders License
  • Each of us have been State Qualified Building Inspectors
  • Each of us have been Licensed Real Estate agents
  • We are crossed trained in all fields of construction


Why Choose The TBI Team for Your Inspection:

  • On Time - - - We will complete the inspection and submit our report to meet your schedule
  • Reliable - - - - When we arrange a time to make the inspection, we will be there
  • Educated - - - - We're both certified licensed builders within the State of Florida
  • Knowledgeable - We've been qualified building inspectors and licensed real estate agents
  • Thorough - - - - - We take our time to provide you with a complete & thorough inspection
  • Experience - Our many years in the industry allow us to recognize any issues that may exist
  • Trained - - - - Being crossed trained in all fields of construction means accurate reports
  • Objective - - - We supply an unbiased and objective professional evaluation
  • The Report - - - Easy to read, easy to understand, and well organized
  • Well Informed - We keep up on all the latest techniques in construction & building materials
  • Old Schooled - - 4 Generations (over 125 years) of accumulated expertise in construction
  • Efficient - - - Our attention to detail is unique and all inspections are completed 100%
  • Qualified - - - Our licenses, our capability, & our years in the business speak for themselves
  • Proficient - - - We have very high standards and complete every job skillfully
  • Meticulous - - - We will examine the smallest details to give you the most information
  • Personal Service - - We perform all of the inspections ourselves
  • Flexible Scheduling - We make ourselves available to accommodate your needs
  • State Licensed - - - - - We are, others are not


Our Commitment to You



Choosing the right home inspection company can be a very stressful and daunting task. You’re not alone when you ask yourself, “How much experience will this particular home inspector have?”

Ultimately, an effective and thorough inspection will rely solely on the inspectors individual qualifications; therefore, the importance of qualified individuals doing your inspection cannot be overstated.


At TBI Home Inspections, both of our individual 36 years of construction and inspection experience are the key to providing you with an accurate in-depth comprehensive visual home inspection.

Our unbiased reporting and years of knowledge will provide you with the factual information you need to make informative decisions regarding the most important and perhaps the largest purchase of your life.

Your home inspection report will be delivered in a personalized easy to understand report covering everything from structural components to cosmetic defects.

By choosing TBI Home Inspections to inspect your home or business, we guarantee that we will make every effort to provide you with an accurate and honest report utilizing both our lifetimes of cumulative knowledge.

This is our commitment to you,

Tony & Ed


Home and Comercial Inspections in Florida


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Home and Comercial Inspections in Florida
Home and Comercial Inspections in Florida
Home and Comercial Inspections in Florida
Home and Comercial Inspections in Florida

Home and Comercial Inspections in Florida

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